Horizon Sport Group provides quality construction and surfacing of in-line skating rinks.  Horizon offers rink surfacing using prefabricated sport tiles or color coated asphalt.  Sports tiles may be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.  The indoor tile is solid, while the outdoor tile has a dense grate work pattern which allows water to flow through it.  These tiles are extremely durable, yet provide resiliency in the event of a fall.  There is very little maintenance needed with sport tiles and individual tiles may be replaced in the event of damage.

High quality acrylic surfacing systems which are manufactured specifically for in-line skating provide an attractive low maintenance surface.  In-line coating systems may be applied to new asphalt or used to resurface an existing game court. Horizon Sports Group supplies and installs the full equipment package needed to create a quality in-line skating facility.  These items include

ᠶariety of dasher board systems
ॲmanent or temporary goals
ଡyer and bleacher seating
㡦ety netting

Horizon Sports Group's total turnkey construction, surfacing, and equipment package will provide you with the finest in-line skating facility possible.

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