Horizon Sports Group provides construction of high quality synthetic turf soccer fields.  With the many varieties of turf available today it is important to choose the style which best suits your needs.  Horizon Sports Group will assist you in choosing turf which is durable, attractive, and performs well for your players.  

Synthetic turf provides an attractive, shock absorbent surface for soccer, football, or lacrosse which resemble natural grass, yet does not require intensive maintenance.  Portable turf systems allow for a quick and easy transition to inline or multi-sport activities.  Prefabricated sport tiles may also be used for soccer flooring.  Although these tiles do not duplicate the playing characteristics of turf, they provide a wider range of multi-sport uses.

In addition to installing synthetic turf Horizon Sports Group supplies and installs a full soccer equipment package including:

ᠶariety of dasher board systems
ॲmanent and portable goals
ଡying and bleacher seating
㡦ety netting

With Horizon Sports Group's assistance you will be able to score your goal of a first class facility.

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