SportSpan Steel frame fabric buildings have become a popular choice for covering indoor recreational facilities.  SportSpan structures offer several advantages over structures traditionally used for indoor sports enclosures.
  • Due to its construction using rigid framing and tensioned fabric the SportSpan structure will hold up under tremendous snow and wind loads.
  • Retractable side walls give an open air feel in the summer yet allow indoor use in the event of inclement weather.
  • Translucent fabric allows sunlight to penetrate, which helps light and heat the building, reducing utility costs.  The fabric does however block harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • SportSpan structures are customized to your specifications, including HVAC and lighting systems.
  • The initial cost of a SportSpan structure is much less than a steel building and slightly more than an air supported (bubble) structure -with operating costs less than either.
  • Fast construction time with minimal foundation work needed.
  • Recreation structure packages available.
The SportSpan provides the optimum environment for any indoor recreational activity.  SportSpan structures can be used to cover tennis, soccer, in-line skating, basketball, volleyball, swimming pools, ice-hockey, miniature golf, indoor rock climbing, and multi-sport.

Your clientele will thank you for choosing the SportSpan for you indoor recreation structure.

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