Horizon Sports Group provides tennis court construction utilizing a wide variety of surfacing options.  Horizon offers complete construction services including design, site preparation, laser grading, paving, fencing, and lighting.  

The highest quality acrylic surfacing systems are utilized to produce a durable, attractive low maintenance surface.  A slow, medium, or fast ball speed may be created during surface application.

Cushion court surfaces offer a shock  absorbing quality which adds to player comfort and reduces jarring impact.  Cushion courts may be applied in coatings or with prefabricated sheet goods.

Resurfacing of existing courts is done using acrylic coating systems.  Leveling and crack repair may also be needed.  In the case of extensive cracking an asphalt overlay or sheet good may need to be placed over the existing surface.  Sand filled synthetic turf and prefabricated sport tiles are excellent options for resurfacing or new court construction.

Fast dry clay courts are popular choice for players who desire a slower ball speed and a softer, forgiving feel under foot.  The life of a fast dry court is indefinite when properly maintained.  

Watering systems for fast dry courts can have sprinkler systems or sub surface irrigation systems may be used.  Sub surface irrigated courts eliminate the down time needed for watering.  Spring reconditioning service is available to open your fast dry court for the season.

Horizon Sports Group will assist you in choosing the court surface which Best suits your needs.  Our team will provide you with the finest tennis court construction services available.

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